About Us

Pastor Adam Becker

We are based in Viroqua, Wisconsin and we are an Evangelical online church. We exist to serve people who can’t or won’t go to a physical local church or just prefer doing things online better. It is our goal to glorify and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. We have a passion for seeing people’s lives changed by the Word of God and by God’s presence. We believe people can experience God’s presence anywhere anytime and that we should live a life in His presence. Our church is led by Pastor Adam Becker and he leads a Bible study that meets live on zoom weekly and you view the weekly sermon online (on our website or on Facebook) as well as interact in a Facebook group and on our website.

Our pastor is Rev. Adam Becker and it is Adam’s heart to love God, love people and serve the Lord. We serve the Lord by serving you. We don’t want to be a church that focuses on the bad in the world and in people but a church that gives people hope and brings out the best in them. We hope to change our area, change hearts, change the world through the power of Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him and to manifest the presence of God around us, together. 

If you have any prayer requests or questions please reach out to us today.  

We are a Bible believing 

Church.  We believe in a good balance between the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  You can’t just have one and not the other.  We are not politically charged, and we seek to see people living changed lives for Christ.

We believe the scriptures to be authoritative and inspired.  

 We believe in the trinity.

We believe that salvation only comes through Jesus Christ

We believe in loving God and loving people.

We believe God speaks today and in living a life of God’s presence. 

About our pastor

Our church is new and dedicated to the presence of God and seeing lives changed. Our pastor is Rev. Adam Becker. Adam is an ordained minister, 

And Adam has a degree in Biblical Studies from the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, IL which was founded by DL. Moody in the 1800s. Pastor Becker has pastored a few churches and has been in ministry for nearly 20 years now.

So, what is our church like? Our church is a online church. Each week on our website and Facebook group a new weekly sermon video by Pastor Adam Becker is posted. So, you can watch the sermon at your own convenience. The Facebook group page is also there to join to pray for each other, get updates and share. Then each Tuesday we are having a live Bible study through zoom. Please visit our website to get the zoom link.

Our Bible study is led by Rev. Adam Becker, Adam has a degree in Biblical Studies from the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Join me for a time of fellowship, teaching, building each other up in the Lord and God’s presence.

And we give people hope and encouragement and don’t go around condemning people of sin or criticize.

You can now join our church Facebook group for updates, to pray with each other and build each other up, share and communicate with friends and members of our church. go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7341451289243606