• The New Coming Move of God

      By Adam Becker   Throughout the ages, there have been some mighty moves of God and revivals.  These great moves of God have brought people into the kingdom, influenced […]

  • God’s Not Responsible for It

    God’s Not Responsible for It By Adam Becker Life  has a lot of blessings in it and many good things can happen to us. We  like to take credit for […]

  • If Everyone Likes You, You Are Doing Something Wrong!

    By Adam Becker We  all want to be liked by others, as a matter of fact we come across  people who seem to be liked by everyone and it appeals […]

  • Our Influence

    by Adam Becker Some time ago my then18 year old son just picked up my guitar and played a few chords. I   asked him where he learned those chords because […]

  • Being Positioned for a Miracle

    Being Positioned for a Miracle by Adam Becker  There  are so many stories in the Bible of miracles.  And not just in the  Bible but there are so many people […]

  • Love Wins

    by Adam Becker I  have had more than a few interactions with  people who don’t believe in  God and they say all that they don’t like  about the Bible and […]

  • Dodging a Bullet

    by Adam Becker If  you have been on this earth very long there has probably come times  when doors opened, and opportunity knocked. Sometimes we succeed and  sometimes we fail. […]

  • How To Know God’s Will

    by Adam Becker Scripture  contains instructions as I call it on how to hear from God found in Rom  12:1-2. This can also be used to test if someone else […]

  • How Do You Know If You Have Forgiven?

    by Adam Becker The  world can be a cruel place  sometimes and people can be at the heart of  it.  We all have been  wronged and hurt by others.  We […]