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Christian dream interpretation and Biblical dream interpretation. God and the Holy spirit has been using dreams and visions to speak to people since Biblical times.  And guess what he uses them still today.  God oftentimes wants to speak to us through dreams and visions but we don’t know what it means, sure the dream was for you but just like in the Bible there were people around to interpret dreams and were gifted in that area. Let us help you with your dream. We don’t always get a supernatural answer to the meaning of your dream sometimes we don’t and use Christian dream symbols and give you an idea of what your dream can mean.  Which can be helpful to you.  It can be very hard to interpret your own dreams as you have an iron in the fire and you want it to mean a certain thing when it may not so you need another perspective on the dream to help you find true meaning. Dreams can foretell the future and give direction especially God-given dreams. And that is something I love to do is help with interpreting your dreams. Get your dream interpreted free. God has been speaking through dreams since Biblical times and He still speaks through them today. Let me help you interpret your dream. I have interpreted thousands of dreams and have a dream interpretation gift.

If you would like dream interpretation it is free email letting us know that you want dram interpretation with your dream included to:  office@libertychur.com 

Please also include what has been on your mind and or is the main thing going on at the time you had this dream.  Also check your junk email folders for replies from us sometimes it goes into the junk folder.

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Dream Interpretation

  Want to try and interpret your own dream, here is some info on dream interpretation as well as an eBook with symbols and their meanings by Pastor Adam Becker