FAQ’s About God

Have questions about God? We have some answers.

  1. How do you know God exists or is real in your life?  You know God exists because this world and we are too intricate and complicated to just be a random thing.  Look at just how the world is designed to work, the environment, plants, animals, the ecosystem.  Look at our bodies, our brains are so complicated that scientists still can’t figure them out and our bodies heal themselves. There are so many things in this world that can’t be explained.  People have dreams that tell them the future, sometimes something happens that can only be explained as a miracle and can’t be explained by science.  Things happen that can’t just be a coincidence.  Sometimes you just sense something about someone else not by natural means.  Or there is the evidence of prayer and how sometimes our prayers are answered in miraculous ways, or the evidence of the change that takes place in someone’s life after becoming a Christian.  Or the peace you can get when you are facing something terrible.  Some people feel God.  Those things point to the fact that there is some kind of spiritual force or higher power that exists and there is so much in life that science and logic can’t answer. Many people believe God exists and experience Him and if He exists there exists the need to have a relationship with Him. You do that through Jesus Christ

2. How do you know God created the Universe? If you look at a car or a computer, you know that it just didn’t come about on its own.  Something so intricately amazing had to have been designed.  There is no way the Universe is formed randomly or by chance. Science also proves that the Universe had a beginning, and we know that science also says something can’t begin out of nothing.  So there had to be a higher power that created it.

3. What makes you trust the Bible as the Word of God? Is it not just another historical book?  The Bible has many prophecies in the Old Testament and New Testament that came true.  Not to mention some of it has been verified by archeological evidence.  I know from personal experience that supernatural things happen when I follow and believe in the Bible.  It is also transformative and transforms people. Those things dont sound like just another historical book. They sound like they could only be from God.

4. Where did the information in the Bible come from? It is revelation and testimony of God working in mankind and Human history that God inspired people to write. 

5. Why does God allow suffering? Why He can’t stop disasters, earthquakes, tornadoes and storms from occurring?  This world is fallen and is now imperfect. God didn’t originally design it that way but after man disobeyed God the world and we became cursed. There is evil here, and God left us to run it and we are imperfect. He lets things happen because as humans we are having a human and earthly experience. Natural disasters aren’t controlled by God there are many natural factors involved in them that bring them about. As long as we are on this earth we will be affected by nature and this earth.

6. Why doesn’t God do something about famine, hunger and starvation in other countries?  God left us to run this world, sometimes he does do something but He has called mankind and Christians to do something about it.  He wants to work through people.  Yet many of the reasons for famine and starvation are because of the sinful nature of mankind. 

7. Where did evil come from?  Evil came from something that was good like free will but by choice, we disobeyed God and acted in selfishness creating evil. Evil is the perversion of the good.

8. Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?  God gave us free will and let us run this earth.  This earth is under a curse, as long as you are here bad things can happen. And people do bad things to each other because of selfishness and sin.  God lets it happen because He left it up to us to make a choice to do the right thing to others and some choose not to.  Even if you are a Christian God never promised that your life would be perfect and problem-free as a matter of fact, He said you will have trials and tribulations. But God does make your life better if you come to Him.  The question is though how much worse is your life without Him? 

9. Why do you have to pray for things, can’t you just believe that good things will happen to you? My life turned out great, I did not pray for thingsThe Bible says you have not because you ask not, God wants us to have a relationship with Him and pray.  He designed prayer for relationship.  Your life may have turned out great but how much better could it be if you did pray and had a relationship with Him. Prayer is also designed so we depend on God and look to Him. You can’t always depend on yourself, you fall short of perfection and can’t make everything happen.

10. How can a Loving God send people to Hell? God doesn’t send people to hell, our choice to not live in a relationship with Him does.  God sent Christ so you can have relationship and not go to hell.  The Bible says, “He made him who knew no sin to become sin for us so that in him we could become the righteousness of God.” And it also says, “for God so loved the world that He gave His only son so that you shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

11. What is the requirement to go to heaven? Jesus said, “I am the way the way the truth and the life, no man shall come to the father but by me.”  Jesus is the only way to heaven.  You need to repent of your sins, believe in Him and let the Holy Spirit live within you and change you.  

12. Why is Jesus the only way to God for our sins to be forgiven?  Because the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Man sinned so the penalty is spiritual death, Jesus who had no sin had to die in your place so He could atone for your sins.  So that you may be forgiven. 

13. Are other religions wrong? What makes Christianity the only way?  Because the God of Christianity is the one true God and Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. Christianity is the only religion that claims that God became a man and died for us so that we can become righteous. Christianity is exclusive and if it is right, makes all the other religions wrong.  

14. What is a Born Again Christian? What does the term ‘born again’ mean? It means that if you repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit comes to live inside you and it helps to change you to make you more like Christ.  It means there is a rebirth or a change in your life. You are born of the spirit

15. So, if you are Christian, does that mean you have no sin and you are holy? No, you are Holy because God has declared you righteous through Jesus Christ and you are being sanctified by the Holy Spirit but you still sin sometimes.  You are not perfect until you leave this earth because this earth is not perfect and our minds and bodies are not perfect. 

16. What proof do you have of Jesus’s resurrection, other than the Bible? There were many people that saw it and testified to it.  Non-Christian historians also wrote about it and if He wasn’t resurrected why did the apostles give their lives even unto death and torture for Christ?  They wouldn’t do that if He wasn’t really resurrected. Not to mention the effect He has on believers today and how transformative it is. 

17. Won’t I make it to heaven, if I live a good life, go to church and feed the poor?  The Bible says all your acts of righteousness apart from Jesus are like filthy rags.  We all have sinned and the wages of sin separate us from God and is death.  You need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Good works aren’t enough.

18. What does the Bible say about the end of the world?  It foretells its end but God makes a new one that is perfect. 

19. What is the Christian Perspective on drinking wine?  It is not a sin to drink but it is not pleasing to God to get drunk and drink in excess. But think about it, God isn’t trying to cramp your style or make life boring. When you are drunk you can do stupid things that negatively affect you or others. God is against getting drunk for your own good.

20.  What about all the bad things that have been done in the name of Christ or by Christians?  Or what about all the crazy stuff that goes on in Christianity? People are imperfect, they make mistakes and often misrepresent God.  They can be selfish and self-serving, and they can also get things wrong.  I think the real example and one to look to is Jesus, Christians often don’t act like Christ did but that is no reason to reject Him. We are not to be Mr. Christian Dan-like, we are to be Christ-like.

21. Doesn’t the Bible and God condone slavery, murder, polygamy, the oppression of women, and all kinds of bad things?  Some things in the Old Testament were just accounts of what happened and God is not condoning it, other times it was part of the Old Covenant and Christ changed it.  Christ did not condone slavery, he did not condone murder. He said not to even be angry with someone, and told them to turn the other cheek and to forgive.  He did not condone polygamy either and he did not oppress women but used them and gave them a voice.  Christianity and the New Covenant that we are in now is about Jesus Christ and Jesus was not for those things and spoke against many of them. Jesus was God and he was about love. In the Old Testament where some people it seemed God wanted killed there was a greater purpose in it, some died to save many. But things changed with Christ in which one died to save all. 

22.  I know people who are against God, yet they are rich and successful, and I know Christians who are poor and unsuccessful.  If they have God, why are they not rich and successful?  And why do I need God if He may not make me Rich and Successful?  If you do the right things in this life, you can be rich and successful without God.  It is possible that you can have God yet do some things that reduce the chances of wealth and success.  While God is not against blessings and does sometimes bless people, He doesn’t guarantee you will have worldly wealth or be a success story.  But a relationship with Him does so much more than wealth.  It can help you walk in freedom from bondage, it can give you peace in trials, he can fill the need for love and forgiveness in your life.  It means you will never be alone; it renews your mind and helps you to live a life of love. It builds you up and can relieve your anxieties and fears. It gives you hope and restores you to right standing with God.  It means you will enter heaven and have eternal life; it brings purpose and your life will never be the same.    

Want to know more about a relationship with God and Jesus Christ? Are you open to God? It is no mistake you are here, God is trying to speak to you. He loves you and has a plan for your life.