Love Wins

by Adam Becker

I  have had more than a few interactions with  people who don’t believe in  God and they say all that they don’t like  about the Bible and they  actually say that they are against Christians.  They don’t like God or  Christianity for a number of reasons. Some say  that the church is all  about money. Which I can see their point some  churches have  multimillion dollar buildings and the pastors live in  mansions and have  private jets.  They also tell you to sow your seed all  that you have  and God will make you rich.  While God does bless giving  many times you  don’t get rich instead the preacher who is getting the  money does but  that is a different story for another day. And these rich  churches  don’t help the poor as much as their taking in.  That even  upsets me.  They hate the church because they say Christians are  hypocrites or they  were a Christian at one time and they didn’t see  anything come from it  like they never saw any proof of God and they are  living a more moral  life now without Christ. I have heard that one  before and I don’t know  how you can live a more moral life without  Christ but there are  atheists that claim too.  Then some have been hurt  like one I know that  attacks Christians because his wife died of cancer  so he is now on a  mission to rid the world of Christianity.  I feel for  him I really do  losing someone to cancer or the like is terrible and it  makes you  wonder why God didn’t save them but it’s not our place to  figure out  God. There are many reasons why atheists exist I don’t have  time to go  through them all but there are a multitude of them some you  can kind of  see their point and others you really can’t. Lately when I  see someone  attack Christians I reply to them and say you mean to tell  me that you  are against loving your neighbor, peace, forgiveness and  helping the  poor and a whole lot of other good things because that is  what  Christianity is supposed to be about. We seem to forget what   Christianity is and what God is. They don’t seem to know it either.   Christianity is not a social club, or a political party. Especially the   political party thing the conservatives don’t believe in welfare and I   have heard of ministers that call the disabled lazy and the poor free   loaders.  But that is not the heart of Christ, Christ was all for   helping the poor when he fed the five thousand he didn’t say I won’t   feed you because you didn’t work for it.  Christianity is not about a   building, or giving all your money to a TV evangelist or local church.   It’s not about the pastor or the worship team even though I respect   those things.  It’s not about stopping abortion of putting an end to  gay  marriage.  It’s not about beating people up with the Bible and  judging  them. No the church is not about all the things that people  seem to make  it into it’s about love.  God is love. When I say to the  people that  attack Christianity that you mean to tell me you are  against loving your  neighbor, peace, forgiveness and helping the poor  they then don’t have a  reply. Love wins, God is love, the only way we  are going to win with  people who are hostile to the Gospel and  Christianity is love. Love on  someone today. When people reject the  gospel they are rejecting love.  Show them just what it is they are  rejecting. 

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