Our Influence

by Adam Becker

Some time ago my then18 year old son just picked up my guitar and played a few chords. I   asked him where he learned those chords because he doesn’t have a  guitar  not does he like guitar. He said he remembered me teaching them  to him  when he was like 7. He hadn’t played them since yet he  remembered them! I  had no clue, it gives me hope that maybe he will  remember all the other  things I taught him and maybe even embrace it?   The stuff we teach  people and our impact on people is deeper than we  know. I never would  have thought he would remember those chords or be  able to play them but i  was wrong. I may be wrong about my influence in  others lives. It’s so  easy to think we are not making a difference but  we are. Be blessed,  Adam Becker

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